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Controls & Electronic Equipment

Controls & Electronic Equipment

Cventus are high quality provider for the sales and services of Marine & Industrial Electronics, Communication, Navigational System and as well as Electrical Equipments spare parts.

More and more electronic products are phased out more rapidly, so Cventus is dedicated to grant an optimum of production-output with our spare parts and services. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Cventus provides spare parts for Gyro, Autopilot, VHF, Inmarsat A-B-C-M, Navigation Equipments, SSB, GPS, Navtex, AIS, Mini-M, Magnetic compass, VDR & SVDR, and for Echo sounder for  marine. Industrials parts for ABB, AEG, Carlo Gavazzi, DEIF generator controls, Electromatic, PR –Electronics, Schneider electric, SELCO generator controls, Semco Marine ship clocks, Siemens, Telemecanique, Thrige Titan, Apollo, Autronica, Cerberus, Consilium, Ginge, Safetec, Salwico, Servoteknikk, Siemens, Consilium, Autronica, Nohmi Bonsai, Safetec system.

List of products, Contact us for more information:

Pressure Switches, Vacuum Switches, Temperature Switches, Pressure Transmitters, Flow Meters And Flow Switches, Level Switches And Level Sensors, Hydraulic Accumulators, Solenoid Valves, Process Valves, Sensor Flow, Level, Analysis, Heat Exchangers, Ball – Check And Flow Control Valves, Manometers, Thermometers,  Thermowells, Hydraulic power units and lubrication, Cables, Lightings, Navigation & Signalling, Hazardous, Power Tools & Hand Tools, IT Equipment, Power Converters, Power inverters, PSU, UPS, alarm unit, barrier, Bilge alarm monitor, coil, contactors, display, indicator, gas and fire detectors, level sensor, switchers, transmitters, oil mist detector, regulator, isolators, oxygen analyzers, positioners, instrumentation, pressure, flow & level, Maneuvering  (pneumatic valves, repair kit, actuators etc), Electrical (relays, contactors, timers, sensors, transmitters etc.), Electronic (Components, PCB cards etc.), Temperature sensors (PT100, thermocouples etc.), Cables (Various types, marine type approved)