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Smart Ship Transformation

Cventus Ltd is the Authorized reseller in Cyprus for SHIPULSE products of Ascenz Solutions Pte Ltd. A globally trusted provider of premium, end-to-end solutions for the maritime industry. With more than a decade of experience and an established foothold in Asia, we provide intuitive, agile and forward-looking smart shipping solutions and services tailored for offshore, ocean-going, bunkering and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vessels.

We spearhead the push for rapid digitalisation within the maritime industry by providing a complete vessel performance monitoring solution to improve the efficiency of operations and become more sustainable.

  • Live-monitor vessel and fleet performance
  • Increase fuel savings using smart shipping solutions
  • Experience greater efficiency and transparency across operations
  • Direct access to vessel performance and full visibility of KPIs
  • Performance insights useful for benchmarking within fleet and with competitors
  • Reduction of information asymmetry
  • Elimination of inaccuracies resulting from manual reporting and data collection



Torquemet torque meters measure and monitor key performance indicators from torque and power transferred from the main engines to the propellers such as Torque (Nm or kNm), Speed (rpm), Power (kW), Energy (kWh or Joules) SFOC (g/kWh), and Kw per mile.

Key Benefits

Engine Performance Monitoring

Hull & Propeller Efficiency Monitoring

Maintenance Planning

Fault Detection

Ship Condition Changes

Reducing operational costs


Flowmet are Mass Flow Meters that provides highly accurate measurement performance.  The flow meters are unaffected by flow profiles, concerns arising from changing temperature, viscosity, and pressure conditions are eliminated to deliver higher accuracy and reliability. Flowmet works across a wide range of flow rates and process conditions to significantly lower installation and operation costs.

Application of Flowmet™ in Shipulse™ solutions

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Bunkering Monitoring

Hull & Propeller Efficiency

LFS (LNG-Fuelled Ships)


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